Orgonite Pyramid Ariel

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Orgonite Pyramid Ariel
EMF 5G Protection

What is Orgone

Orgone is an energy, another name for the etheric energy that fills the universe and everything in our body. Orgonite also represents the electronic frequency and vitality of the aura, Pula, biomagnetic energy, gas, software. What it excels at is to convert negative energy into positive energy and maintain a healthy and harmonious energy state.

Orgone's principle of operation

The organic component absorbs various energy waves (whether good or bad) from the space, adsorbs into the device, and then the metal fragments reflect and squeeze the energy, causing the original form of these energy to be destroyed and reassembled into a harmonious basic form.

The role of Orgone

This pyramid is a small portable energy converter that operates in a wide range of applications.

1- Purification of living environment

There are often many energy fields in the living environment in which we live. We cannot guarantee that there is always a good magnetic field in our environment. Orgone can play a certain role in eliminating the negative energy (adverse magnetic field) of the environment.

2- Purify the human body energy field

Modern life is under great pressure. Most people have sleep problems and emotional stress. Orgone can be placed in the bedroom, which can improve some sleep problems (non-pathological) to a certain extent, relieve emotional stress and achieve a stable mood. 

It can be placed anywhere in your home of office, so we can better protect ourselves from negative energy and EMF - 5G radiation.

3. If the place of residence is close to a large radio transmitter such as a cell phone signal transmission tower, it is recommended to purchase a number of different ones and place around the residence. The Orgone pyramids can avoid radiation damage.

You can place it next to appliances such as TVs, computers, routers, WiFi or any electronic device to improve ambient radiation .

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