About Us

Hi there, we are so grateful to have gained your interest in our store. Our collection of lovingly Boho Summer Dresses, Accessories, Jewellery, Home Decor, Beauty Products, Yoga and Meditation Props and lots more are all a genuine reflection of our lifestyle, our Universe, which is something else we very grateful for and we are delighted to bring you a slice of what we are very passionate about.

We´ve been fortunate enough to indulge in extensive world travels of perpetual summers which have, over time, influenced the feel of Miss Kitsch Universe brand. Having spent many years becoming intimate with the beauty and culture of countries like India , Spain, Bali and China,  all of these amazingly rich, colourful artisan cultures have folded their way into all the products we love .

The Miss Kitsch brand, as a parallel to our lifestyle, has naturally and organically formed itself into a combination of effortless, vibrant, unique colourful clothes styles which are amazingly comfortable, with a flattering fit while also very practical and versatile. Designed for the active modern woman to throw on with a minimum of fuss and make a stylish and elegant statement in any social situation.

Also we LOVE to shop, test and bring to you products that make a difference in our lives, health, beauty and homes. 

Very close to our heart is our dedication to an ethical collection that promotes fair trade. Our complete collection is independently created & supported by local communities in India, China & Indonesia. 

We very much hope you enjoy our curated labour of love as much as we enjoy bringing it to you. Thank you so much for your support , and please do not hesitate to contact us ! We love to meet you !