Lush Lashes™

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Always Ready with your Lush Lashes™ 

Now you can say goodbye to the messy glue fake lashes forever !

Give your eyes the understated sexy look to turn heads while keeping a bit of mystery. 

All our lashes are trimmable and last over 40 uses because there's no glue to clump up on the band given it's properly cared for. Simply scratch off the dried magnetic liner off the magnets in between uses to clean your lashes and keep in our special case for safe-keeping. Suitable for any girl on the go who doesn't want to waste time on messy glue! 

Package includes :

2 Pairs of Eyelashes

1 Eyeliner

1 Tweezer


Magic Set Package includes : 

3 Pairs Eyelashes ,1  Magic Eyeliner, 1 Mascara ,1 Eyelash Curler 


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