Humpback Posture Corrector and Arm Shaper

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Back & Shoulder Corrector for Humpback Posture and  Arm Shaper 

🖤 The design has enough compression and still is very comfortable. This sleeve crop top is soft and snug. You’ll stay comfortable all day without overheating. It also helps hide unwanted bat wings

🖤 It will gather your breast, giving you an attractive cleavage. It is made in U-type shape, that effectively controls and hide armpit fat and body bumps or bulks, shaping your body in a beautiful hourglass figure 

🖤Helps shape your arms into a more slim and firm tone

🖤Wearable with your own bra to avoid breast compression while adding a mild push-up effect while improving posture.

🖤It has firm control that helps correct humpback posture 

🖤Breathable, seamless, stretchy and comfortable fabric

🖤Perfect everyday shape wear



🖤One size fits almost all



🖤Estimated delivery time is 20 – 30 business days.  


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